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All of my crochet patterns can be found in my Ravelry store.

Who knows where the road goes, where the love flows, only time.....

When we allow ourselves time to listen to our heart and allow our creativity to flow.
Peace descends upon us and joy starts to grow.
Do what you love and love who you are.
You are divinely perfect in every way.

My Designs

My crochet designs are inspired by many things.
My love of nature, trees, flowers, rocks, water.
My dreams, visions, and my spiritual connection with all life.
I hope you find inspiration and joy in the designs which I share with love.


All of my crochet tutorials are free.
You can come back to them as often as you like.
I will always try to help you to learn and develop your skills.
Remember there is no right or wrong, there is simply the way that works for you.


The Stone People have always been a part of my life. I work with crystals on a daily basis, and I am constantly amazed by their teachings. I hope you enjoy sharing my experiences and connections with crystals. I look forward to our journey together.

Words of Wisdom

I am a very spiritual person. I will from time to time share my thoughts and connections with Angels, the Faye folk and other Higher Beings. Often their messages come to me through poems, I hope you enjoy them and find comfort, love and joy in their words.