My Designs

My crochet designs are inspired by many things.
My love of nature, trees, flowers, rocks, water.
My dreams, visions, and my spiritual connection with all life.
I hope you find inspiration and joy in the designs which I share with love.

You can find all of my designs and patterns on Ravelry

  • Destiny

    Destiny   Each and every one of us has something special to do, and share…

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  • Moon’s Shadow

      I just love crocheting squares, I love designing them, and I love making squares…

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  • Fox Fires

    Fox Fires This was a mini, CAL (crochet-along) that I designed for my friends in…

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  • Lotus Pavilions

      My very first published design, is now re-written and includes a full photo tutorial.…

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  • Dream Weaver

      Let your dreams be the light that guides you…. do what you love. That…

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  • Rosetta

    Rosetta I am thrilled to be a part of the amazing team of designers working…

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