On this page you will find free photo tutorials, covering many aspects of crochet.
All of my patterns and tutorials are written using US terminology.
My patterns are available on Ravelry

Crochet Basics

Basic Stitches
Starting and Standing Stitches
Magic Ring
Invisible Join
3 Ways to Join Yarn
Securing Ends
Joining Squares
Slip Stitch Joins
Whip Stitch & Matress Stitch Joins
Single Crochet and Chain Join


Special Stitches

Clusters & Working Stitches Together
Catherine Wheel, Harlequin, Starburst
Folding Single Crochet
Ruffle Stitch
Perfect Picots
Cable Stitch
Crossed Double Crochet video tutorial
Crossed Treble Crochet video tutorial
Bead Stitch video tutorial

  • Invisible Join

          Invisible Join Like so many techniques used in crochet, there is a…

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  • Magic Ring

    Magic ring There are many photo tutorials and video tutorials out there, showing many different…

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  • Blocking

              Blocking Some people do, some don't! Personally I always block…

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  • Ruffle Stitch

          Ruffle Stitch This is another favourite stitch of mine. I love any…

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