Mandala Madness Part 4

Mandala Madness Part 4

Mandala Madness Part 4

This week we change shape again, this time into an octagon. The octagon symbolises balance between the material, and the spiritual, between heart and mind. It is also thought to represent a vehicle for the advent of good health and good fortune.

So I wish each and every one of you a mind that is peaceful, a heart that is full of love, and health and good fortune always.

This may look like a relatively easy week!
Not too many rounds... BUT there are some tricky front and back post stitches, and lots of popcorns, so please pay really close attention to the placement of your stitches.
With the back post stitches, try to get around the post rather than just the top of the stitch as it will give you a beautifully pronounced ridge above your ruffles. 🙂

I am aware that some of you have been wondering if you will be able to stop, round off, or square up at any point... this would be a good stopping point for a smaller piece. At the end of this week you will have an octagon (ish). Because I wanted to design something totally different to anything else out there, your work will not be totally round until we finish, the shape keeps changing week after week....that's where the madness comes in. 🙂

In the intro post I shared my recommendations for joining yarn mid-round, but here is a little reminder with a link to one of my tutorials.... 3 Ways to Join Yarn.
Merino Soft - I found the best technique for joining a new ball of yarn is what I call the "Text Book Join", this yarn is too silky for a magic knot to be really secure, and the twist is too loose for a satisfactory Russian Join.
Colour Crafter - You can use either the "Magic Knot", "Russian Join" or the standard "Text Book Join".
Stonewashed XL - Again you can use either the "Magic Knot", "Russian Join" or the standard "Text Book Join", personally I found the Russian Join to be the most effective.

Please remember this is my design and is covered by copyright law. You may share a link to this page with anyone, you may print off the photo or written tutorials for your own use, but please do not alter or change in any way.
Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you.

If you haven't read the introduction post, then please find it here. You will find all the information on Yarn Packs, how much yarn you will need, hook sizes, the finished size of your blanket and all the resources available.

It is worth book marking the main Mandala Madness page as it will contain all the posts about the project and each weekly part.

You may also like to add this CAL to your Ravelry Queue.

I have also started a group on Ravelry, which covers all of my designs. I will try to check in there every day. I now have some lovely moderators, thank you so much for your help ladies.

I suggest taking a look through the photo tutorial here before downloading the pdf to work from, but if you just can’t wait to get started I have put all the pdf downloads together.

And for those of you who like to follow the Video Tutorial by Esther Dijkstra from, just click here and the link will take you straight to the video for this part.
I would like to add a HUGE thank you to Esther for the amazing job she has done with these videos.


♥ PDF downloads

Written pattern with just a small picture. Mandala Madness part 4 written pattern
Photo tutorial. Mandala Madness part 4 photo tutorial

♥ Translations

For the translated versions of the CAL, please click on the links here and it will take you straight to your preferred language. With no need to scroll down further on this page.
And another HUGE thank you to the awesome team of translators, from the CAL - Crochet A Long Facebook group, for the fantastic job they have done with all the translations. ♥


Afrikaans    Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Afrikaans
Dutch          Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Dutch
Danish        Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Danish
Finnish       Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Finnish
French        Mandala-Madness-Part-4-French
German      Mandala-Madness-Part-4-German
Greek           Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Greek
Hebrew       Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Hebrew
Korean        Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Korean
Persian       Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Persian
Polish          Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Polish
Russian       Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Russian
Spanish       Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Spanish
Swedish      Mandala-Madness-Part-4-Swedish

Russian video tutorial

Spanish Video Tutorial

Mandala Madness Part 4

ms part 4

♥ Materials and Colours

For the purposes of this tutorial I am using Scheepjes Merino Soft and a 4 mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook.

The colours used in each round are listed below.

mm round colours 4

US terms used throughout.

AbbreviationsAbbreviations[ ]Hints: Are typed in italics and coloured purple, they are to help and guide you and
hopefully make life a little easier, especially for beginners.
Reference to photos is [P] with the relevant photo number
* * Repeat instructions between asterisks the amount of times specified.
This is normally a repeat for a complete side and will consist of multiple instructions.
() Repeat instructions between parentheses the amount of times specified.
This is a lower level repeat.
Special Stitches

Popcorn: Make 5 dc in same st, remove hook from loop and insert from front to back of 1st dc and then into dropped loop and pull through. Ch 1 to close. This closing chain is not counted in any chains you are asked to make after the popcorn. To make a starting popcorn, simply start with a standing dc or ch 3 as your 1st st.


30. Join with a standing sc in the sc before any ch-1 point space,
*ch 1, skip ch-1 point space, sc in next st, hdc in next 6 sts, skip next 3 sts [2sc + flsc], (make 3 dc in the skipped st behind the ruffle st [R28], skip next 2 sts) 5 times,
make 3 dc in last skipped st behind the last ruffle st [R28],
skip next 3 sts [flsc + 2 sc], hdc in next 6 sts, sc in next st.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last sc.
Join to standing sc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 2 sc, 12 hdc, 18 dc.
Total: 16 sc, 96 hdc, 144 dc.


31. Join with a standing sc in the sc before any ch-1 point space,
*ch 1, skip ch-1 point space, sc in next st, hdc in next 6 sts, dc in next 7 sts,
tr in next 2 sts, 2 tr in next st, tr in next st, dc in next 7 sts, hdc in next 6 sts, sc in next st.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last sc.
Join to standing sc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 2 sc, 12 hdc, 14 dc, 5 tr.
Total: 16 sc, 96 hdc, 112 dc, 40 tr.


Hint: Please pay close attention to the spacing of the sc’s.
Hint: Place a marker in 1st and last bpdc  of each repeat and leave in place until R35.

32. Join with a standing bpdc in the 3rd tr of any side [centre tr above ruffle sts],
(ch 1, bpdc) around same st, [new point space made] *bpdc in next 9 sts, skip next 2 sts, sc in next st, (sc in next st, 2 sc in next st) twice,
sc in ch-1 space, (2 sc in next st, sc in next st) twice, sc in next st, skip next 2 sts ,
bpdc in next 9 sts, in next st (bpdc, ch 1, bpdc) [new point space made].*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last point group.
Join to standing bpdc with a sl-st.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 15 sc, 20 bpdc.
Total: 120 sc, 160 bpdc.


33. Ch 1 and fpdc around 1st standing bpdc, ch 1,
*fpdc around next 11 sts, fphdc around next 2 sts, fpsc around next 9 sts,
fphdc around next 2 sts, fpdc around next 11 sts, ch 1.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last fpdc and ch-1.
Join to 1st fpdc, fasten off and secure ends.
Stitch Count: 9 fpsc, 4 fphdc, 22 fpdc.
Total: 72 fpsc, 32 fphdc, 176 fpdc.

Hint: the section with fpsc will curl forward at this point.


Hint: Please remember each popcorn is closed with a ch-1, and is not included in pattern instructions, refer to special stitches for more information.

34. Join with a beginning popcorn in any ch-1 point space, [not forgetting to close with a ch-1] *(ch 1, skip next st, make a popcorn in next st) 6 times, ch 1, skip next st, hdc in next 2 sts, sc in next 5 sts, hdc in next 2 sts, (ch 1, skip next st, make a popcorn in next st) 6 times, ch 1, skip next st, popcorn in ch-1 space.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last popcorn.
Join to beginning popcorn, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 5 sc, 4 hdc, 13 popcorn, 14 ch-1 spaces.
Total: 40 dc, 32 hdc, 104 popcorn, 112 ch-1 spaces.



Now sit back and admire your work, you have finished part 4.

See you next week.

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24 Responses

  1. Thank u so much for sharing this pattern…… Totally love your tutorial…. Crisp and clear to understand……am totally enjoying working on this mandala.

  2. I just want to say thank you for sharing this fabulous pattern! I am having a great time creating my mandala.

  3. I just discovered your website!!! Beautiful-fabulous-breath taking!! I crochet in thread and I first thought these are works of art in thread- any problem of using your instructions for a thread project? I also learn best with a study guide — have you published and may I buy one today? (my printer and I do NOT get along!) I am starting a project
    with your videos today. Thank you for sharing you wonderful gift and your valuable time,

    • Helen Helen

      You can make any of my designs in thread, all of my patterns are available as a downloadable pdf, so you can view from a tablet or other divice, without having to print 🙂

  4. Helen I love this mandala but can I ask in part 4 round 33, where do I begin. I’ve managed up to this point with no problems due to your instructions and pictures but I’m stuck now?

    • Helen Helen

      in round 32 you started with a standing bpdc, in round 33 you start by making a ch1 and then fpdc around that same st the 1st bpdc that you joined into with the sl-st 🙂

  5. lyn

    Thank you for a lovely project this is my first mandala and im enjoying every stitch I lost my dad last week so the stitches are keeping me calm every loop and row when complete I will remember him thankyou …..

    • Helen Helen

      Bless you, much love and hugs to you 🙂 xx

  6. You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and teaching, I’m in heaven! So much fun, so beautiful – how on earth can someone come up with this? Thank you a thousand times over.

    • Helen Helen

      thank you 🙂

  7. Helen, Helen, Helen……..this is all your fault. I blame the whole thing on you.
    I have now started my 4th mandala and you are responsible….it’s pretty easy and just beautiful. Keep up the good work I’m looking forward to it.

    • Helen Helen

      hehehehe sorry 😉 so glad you are having fun 🙂

  8. Helen, I am sorry but there is a small mistake in the german translation for row 31. The last sc is missing, it should read: “fM in nächste M*” before the asterisk is put.

    • Helen Helen

      Thank you so much, the team are on the case 🙂

  9. Each Thursday is so wonderful to receive a new email from you with the new addition to this beautiful mandala. I really enjoy working with this pattern and looking forward to more!

    • Helen Helen

      So pleased you are enjoying it 🙂

  10. Helen, this mandala is a joy. It is true to the spirit of mandala, and true to the spirit of Spirit. For me, the crocheting of your pattern which is a reflection of your spirit and inspiration, is a healing journey. I have been going through a hostile divorce after 25 years of marriage, and though it is not settled yet, I feel myself in a healing place. I have dedicated these weeks of your mandala CAL to my healing and wholeness. I thank you and want you to know that to me it is more than a pretty pattern but a reflection of art, spirit, and healing. I am touched by your generosity and grace. Thank you.

    • Helen Helen

      Bless you Sharyn, sending much love and healing energy to you, so pleased our light has joined 🙂

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  12. I have 2/questions one if I ended it here how do I square it off? Also the picture on the main page shows purples could u share the colors? U have the colors for the ones used for examples. But not the pretty purples . thank u and you have made a beautiful pattern!! Very pretty!

    • Helen Helen

      Each part has a list of the colours used from each pack per round.
      To square it off you would have to work out total number of sts / 4, then work out how to level it off and make it square. As this was designed to be a circle, to change the shape is something you would have to do yourself. 🙂
      Thank you x

  13. thank you for your work!!! this mandala is wonderful!!!

    • Helen Helen

      Thank you

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  15. this is getting better and better. loving this cal alot!!! thanks helen for helping me to channel my deeper ability in colour compatibility

    • Helen Helen

      you’re welcome 🙂

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