Mandala Madness Part 5

Mandala Madness Part 5

Mandala Madness Part 5

I am completely amazed at the gorgeous colours many of you are using, and I am so pleased that so many of you, who are fairly new to this amazing craft, are coping really well with this madness. 🙂

There are no special stitches in this part… “phew” I hear you say.
But there are quite a few back post stitches, remember to go around the post and not just the top of the stitch, this will form a beautiful curve. Also when it comes to the back loop stitches, remember to work into the back loop and the 3rd loop to stop your stitches from stretching.

I just wanted to mention “starting stitches” versus “chain starts” when moving up into a new round.

If you are happy to carry on with a chain start, then please do.

However if you would like your work to look more consistent, and not have that “skinny” stitch that the chain gives, then please learn how to make a starting stitch.


Please remember this is my design and is covered by copyright law. You may share a link to this page with anyone, you may print off the photo or written tutorials for your own use, but please do not alter or change in any way.
Please love and respect me, as I love and respect you.

If you haven't read the introduction post, then please find it here. You will find all the information on Yarn Packs, how much yarn you will need, hook sizes, the finished size of your blanket and all the resources available.

It is worth book marking the main Mandala Madness page as it will contain all the posts about the project and each weekly part.

You may also like to add this CAL to your Ravelry Queue.

I also have a group on Ravelry, which covers all of my designs. I will try to check in there every day. I now have some lovely moderators, thank you so much for your help ladies.

I suggest taking a look through the photo tutorial here before downloading the pdf to work from, but if you just can’t wait to get started I have put all the pdf downloads together.

And for those of you who like to follow the Video Tutorial by Esther Dijkstra from, just click here and the link will take you straight to the video for this part. Please note in round 40 Esther accidentally made dc instead of tr.
I would like to add a HUGE thank you to Esther for the amazing job she has done with these videos.


♥ PDF downloads

Written pattern with just a small picture. Mandala Madness part 5 written pattern
Photo tutorial. Mandala Madness part 5 photo tutorial

♥ Translations

For the translated versions of the CAL, please click on the links here and it will take you straight to your preferred language. With no need to scroll down further on this page.
And another HUGE thank you to the awesome team of translators, from the CAL - Crochet A Long Facebook group, for the fantastic job they have done with all the translations.


Afrikaans    Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Afrikaans
Dutch          Mandala-Madness-part-5-Dutch
Danish        Mandala-Madness-part-5-Danish
Finnish       Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Finnish
French        Mandala-Madness-Part-5-French
German      Mandala-Madness-Part-5-German
Greek           Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Greek
Hebrew       Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Hebrew
Korean        Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Korean
Persain       Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Persian
Polish          Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Polish
Russian       Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Russian
Spanish       Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Spanish
Swedish      Mandala-Madness-Part-5-Swedish

Russian video tutorial

Spanish video tutorial


Mandala Madness Part 5

ms part 5

For the purposes of this tutorial I am using Scheepjes Merino Soft and a 4 mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook.

The colours used in each round are listed below.

mm round colours 5

US terms used throughout.


Hints: Are typed in italics and coloured purple, they are to help and guide you and hopefully make life a little easier.
* Repeat instructions between asterisks the amount of times specified. This is normally a repeat for a complete side and will consist of multiple instructions.
() – Repeat instructions between parentheses the amount of times specified. This is a lower level repeat.


35. Hint: in this round you will be working into Round 32 behind popcorns, where you placed markers [R32], simply bend popcorns forward and you will clearly see the stitches to work into, and  you will also be working into Round 34.

Join with a standing sc in any 1st hdc after popcorns [R34],
*skip next 2 sts, 3 tr in next st, 5 tr in next st, 3 tr in next st, skip next 2 sts, sc in next st, ch 2, sc in next 10 bpdc [R32], sc in ch-1 point space, sc in next 10 bpdc from [R32], ch 2, sc in 1st hdc from [R34].*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last sc.
Join to standing sc with a sl-st.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 23 sc, 11 tr, 2 ch-2 spaces.
Total: 184 sc, 88 tr, 16 ch-2 spaces.


36. Ch 3, [counts as dc] or make a starting dc in sc,
*2 dc in next 11 sts, dc in next st, skip ch-2, sc in next 21 sts, skip ch-2 space, dc in next st.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last dc.
Join to top of ch-3 or starting dc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 21 sc, 24 dc.
Total: 168 sc, 192 dc.


37. Join with a standing bptr in 1st st of any dc group, bptr in next 23 sts,
*skip next 3 sts, sc in next 15 sts, skip next 3 sts, bptr in next 24 sts.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last 24 bptr.
Join to standing bptr with a sl-st.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 15 sc, 24 bptr.
Total: 120 sc, 192 bptr.


38. In this round you will be working into Round 37 and also Round 34, joining the two together.

Ch 1 and bphdc in 1st bptr, bphdc in next 23 sts.
*Starting at ch-1 space between 3rd and 4th popcorn [R34],
(sc through ch-1 space between popcorns and next sc, ch 1, skip next sc) three times, (sc in next st, ch 1, skip next st ) twice, [do not join through top 2 ch-1 spaces] sc through ch-1 space between 8th and 9th popcorns and next sc,
(ch 1, skip next sc, sc through ch-1 space between popcorns and next sc) twice,
bphdc in next 24 sts.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last 24 bphdc.
Join to standing bphdc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 8 sc, 24 bphdc, 7 ch-1 spaces.
Total: 64 sc, 192 bphdc, 56 ch-1 spaces.


39. Join with a standing sc in 6th sc of any side, sc in next ch-1 space,
*skip next 2 sts and ch-1 space, 7 dc in next st [1st bphdc],
(skip next 2 sts, sc in next st, skip next 2 sts, 7 dc in next st) twice,
skip next st, sc in next st, skip next 2 sts, 7 dc in next st,
skip next 2 sts, sc in next st, skip next 2 sts, 7 dc in next st,
skip next 2 sts and ch-1 space,
(sc in ch-1 space, sc in next st) 4 times, sc in next ch-1 space.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last 2 sc.
Join to standing sc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 13 sc, 35 dc.
Total: 104 sc, 280 dc.


40. Join with a standing blsc in 4th dc of 1st fan in any group,
*(ch 1, 7tr in next sc, ch 1, blsc in 4th dc of next fan), 4 times,
ch 1, 4 tr in next sc, skip next 3 sts, sc in next st, skip next 3 sts, 4 tr in next st, [last sc] ch 1, blsc in 4th dc of next shell.*

Repeat from * to * 7 more times, omit last sc.
Join to standing sc, fasten off, and secure ends.
Stitch Count: Per repeat: 1 sc, 5 blsc, 36 tr, 10 ch-1 spaces.
Total: 8 sc, 40 blsc, 288 tr, 80 ch-1 spaces.


Part 5 is now complete.

Do share your progress with us all, remember we are all one big happy hooky family 🙂 There is always someone willing and able to help.

See you next week


Remember if you are having any problems I am always happy to help as much as I can.

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34 Responses

  1. erm..row 39, your answer to a question earlier was it comes to 9 single chains between petal groups, however in the count totals it says 13 for each repeat. 9 doesn’t seem to be correct to me but 13 looks too many..

    • Helen Helen

      yes, the question was how many sc are between the petals, there are 9 sc between the petals and 4 sc in the petals, so it is 13 all together 🙂

  2. I am in Round 39 and can’t tell from picture 3 if it is 8 or 9 single crochets between the petals?

    • Helen Helen

      there are 9 in total…(sc in ch-1 space, sc in next st) 4 times (that’s 8 then)…, sc in next ch-1 space

  3. Hi Helen first of all what an amazing pattern I’m loving it….just a query in round 40 Esther says to make 7dc into the sc, whereas the written pattern asks for 7tr into the sc…can you clarify please

    • Helen Helen

      Pattern is correct, there are a couple of mistakes in the videos, but Esther has put a text correction in there 🙂

  4. Wow……what an amazing project….so challenging. ?…every row is a mystery… it! Thank you.

    • Helen Helen

      So glad you are having fun 🙂

  5. I know the CAL is complete, but I had to gather my nerves. I started July 15th and have finished part 5. I’m so excited with the product, the process, and the people. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely creativity.

    • Helen Helen

      You are most welcome….enjoy 🙂

  6. I love this very much..thank you for being so creative

  7. I absolutely hated blankets till now. Your designs are amazing!!! Thank you for all you do to make the craft more fun & interesting!

    • Helen Helen

      Thank you 🙂

  8. I fell in love with the design but after downloading the first instalment I decided not to start just yet as I am going to have to translate the instructions into UK crochet speak and I would rather do that all in one go.
    Design looks amazing and I have the yarn pack at the ready!

    • Helen Helen

      It is very easy to learn to be bi-lingual 🙂 I was taught in UK terms, design in US terms and can switch very easily between the two now…just make yourself a little chart to keep handy 🙂

  9. Thank you — all the way from Malaysia! Such a lovely design — I’m madly in love 🙂

    • Helen Helen

      Thannk you 🙂

  10. I`m missing your comments on this part as to what it means like you have done in the
    Missing the meaning of part 5 as you had in first 4 parts. Very interesting.

    • Helen Helen

      Glad you are enjoying the comments and ideas behind the design…all will be revealed in part 6…as part 5 is the beginning of something 🙂

      • Simone

        Oh I love every stich Helen! And I love the secret behind it.
        Knowing it’s not ‘just’ a simple circle, but so much more and all a secret for us to see it unfold under our hands… <3

        • Helen Helen

          So pleased Simone 🙂

  11. On the video for round 40 she instructs us to do multiples of 7 double crochets but your written instruction says triple crochets…..which is correct??

    • Helen Helen

      I have put a note in the post… it should be tr, but if you have done dc it is not the end of the world… we both missed the mistake…sorry 🙂

  12. Yes very large im on row 35 and thinking about ending it here soon but not sure how i would go about that i think after this week

    • Helen Helen

      You would need to work that out, by making which ever shape you stop at into a circle or square, I have mentioned a few times that it constantly changes shape, so end of part 4, where you have an octogan is maybe the easiest part to square up , by adding triangles to 4 of the sides. 🙂

  13. Thank you for another great part. I was in a total crochet funk until this Cal started. I am loving every stitch. You are so creative, Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Helen Helen

      You are most welcome, so glad you have your co-jo back 🙂

  14. Hola, queria saber que tamaño tiene terminado porque creo que no lo he visto y gracias por ofrecernos su patrón de forma gratuita y tan completo, muchísimas gracias y felicidades por sus diseños.

    • Helen Helen

      tamaños terminados están todos en el mensaje de introducción 🙂

  15. Thank you!

  16. Magnifique 🙂 – mon traducteur Google n’est pas efficace 🙁 – dommage !

    • Helen Helen

      il y a un pdf que vous pouvez télécharger en français

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  18. What a beautiful piece. Is it designed to hang on the wall or could you put your cup of tea
    on it if you placed it on an end table>

    • Helen Helen

      The completed Mandala will be very large…so a blanket, unless you do it in a very fine thread 🙂

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