Part 2 Links of Friendship

Part 2 Links of Friendship


Welcome to part 2 of Heart of Friendship crochet a-long.

In this next 2 weeks you will be making square 1, Links of Friendship.

♥ You will need to make 4 squares.

These hints and tips are not the pattern, they are exactly what they say they are, hints and tips to help you, as you make this Afghan/Blanket.

If you would like to join us, please go to the Intro post for links to purchase the pattern and information on yarn requirements.

Blocking your squares, once completed, will give a fabulous finish to them, and make joining much easier, Blocking Your Work.

Handy links to video tutorials

I always fasten off with an invisible join, again if you don’t know how, here is a video to help you.

Invisible Join video tutorial

When I change colour at the beginning of a new round, I always use a standing stitch, it is very easy to learn, and means you will have no “skinny” stitches made of a chain start.

Standing Stitches video tutorial

If I am continuing with the same colour, and the start calls for a ch-3 [counts as dc] I use a starting dc.

Starting stitches video tutorial


♥ Heart of Friendship colour chart 2 printable pdf

I always find making all four squares at the same time easier. Round 1 for all the squares then round 2 on all of them etc.

Especially with this square, you will find it easier to make all your rings, and get the stitch markers in place before you move on to the next part.

The rings are quite simple, you will make 3 rings in a row, the tricky part is getting the 4th ring correct.

Make sure you chain 14 [1 extra chain from the other rings].

Keep your chains on the looser side, you may even find using a size larger hook helps, the stitches you make into the chain loop need to sit softly together, not be all scrunched up, this will help your rings to sit flatter, and be easier to work the following rounds.

Then, where rings 2 and 3 cross over each other, drop the chain through, so that it goes through both of the rings, join the chain and make 30 dc, as you did with the other rings.

Make sure that both rings 2 and 3 are through the centre of ring 4.

You may need to turn the rings slightly to make sure the ch-3 start of each ring is hidden by the other rings, this is just to make your work look neater.

Take your time placing your stitch markers as instructed.

♥ I have made a video tutorial to help you with the rings.

Count very carefully on the 1st round, then it is fairly, plain sailing


The stitches made in front of your work in round 9 form legs, the popcorns in round 11 are heads, and the front post stitches in round 12 are “arms in the air”. So, you have a row of friends with their hands in the air cheering you on as you complete your first 4 squares.

If you are unsure about working in front of other rows.... guess what... a video tutorial 🙂

Working in Front of Other Rounds.

Here is how I make popcorns

Popcorns Video Tutorial

Handy hints on making front and back post stitches.

Front and Back Post Stitches Video Tutorial

Many thanks to the Pippin Crochet Group on Facebook for hosting this cal.

We would love to see photos of your progress, please feel free to share in the Pippin group or in my own group Helen's Hookaholics.


See you in two weeks for the next part of Heart of Friendship.

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